EBI 300 Series
EBI 330-T30EBI 300  EBI 300 THEBI 300 TEEBI 310    EBI 310 TEEBI 310 DIEBI 310 TXEBI 310 TH
For detailed technical data of the individual data loggers, please click hereEBI 330-T30   EBI 300

EBI 300 TH   EBI 300 TE

EBI 310

EBI 310 TE

EBI 310 DIEBI 310 TXEBI 310 TH

Monitoring of deep temperaturesxxx*
Monitoring of high temperaturesxx*
Humidity monitoringxx
Storage monitoring xxxxxxx*x
Transport monitoring xxxxxxxx*x
Process monitoringxxxx*x
Usage within dry icex
Measurement channels
Internal temperature channelxxxxxxxxx
External temperature channel11112*1
Sensor cable xxxx*
High precision (Pt 1000) xxxxx
Humidity channelxx
Multi-use xxxxxxxx
Single-use x
Calibration certificate 
Including factory calibration certificatexxxxxxx
Batch calibration certificate available upon requestx
Other features
Very flexible alarms (5 limits and MKT)xxxxx
High memory capacity (120.000 measurements)xxxxx
* with connected, exchangeable sensors